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Free Community Virtual Check-in!

Hi All,

Here at Dynamic Wellness we are focused on helping you become the Best Version Of Yourself.

We get that that might sound cliche now, being the tagline of every other fitness and wellness outfit out there, but hear us out.

We know that community is essential to your well-being so we are bringing people together!

Dynamic Wellness is running a free virtual community check-in every Thursday at 6:15pm. Brew a cup of tea, come join our community for some social connection, and learn a bit about being resilient, healthy, and generally awesome!

How do you sign up you ask? Use this link, choose the date, and sign up using your email. That's it. You'll receive a Zoom link with your confirmation email. Use that at the time you signed up for (webcam and microphone is encouraged!).

Looking for more than that? Check out our virtual fitness solutions!

During times like these, with the pandemic and all, you can still do a great job taking care of your fitness through home workouts and outdoor activities (minding your social distance of course). If you'd like to try out something new or are ready to take your fitness to the next level you can try our live small group fitness classes from the comfort and safety of your own home!

Interested in making that happen?

Fire an email off to Logan to introduce yourself, book a free class, and ask any questions you might have. His email is

Once you've done that or just want to dive into our classes pick yourself up a package of Small Group Fitness passes using one of these links; 10 Pack or 20 Pack.

You can then use those passes to book any of our Fitness Classes on this schedule :D.

Since we are currently offering all of our services virtually you will receive a Zoom link with your appointment confirmation. Just use that link at the scheduled time to join the class.

We're looking forward to chatting with you!

The Dynamic Wellness Team

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