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Aggression Expression

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

The human body is wired to handle a lot.

Thousands of years of evolution in response to life or death situations has equipped us to adapt positively to even the most adverse stressors...if we allow (not resist) the necessary processes to happen in our bodies.

We are socially conditioned to dampen or refrain from expressing big emotional impulses. Emotions are meant to be expressed NOT suppressed. Aggression is an emotional expression of anger, frustration, anxiety, and fear. It comes from a desire to protect ourselves when we feel threatened physically or emotionally. It is not inherently violent, nor is it causing harm required to express it. Aggressive expression is a healthy, effective, and rewarding way of processing and releasing emotional energy fueled by anger, frustration, helplessness, anxiety, and fear.

Through aggressive expression, the fight or flight response, once it has been activated by a stressor, gets to be resolved. Otherwise, a “freeze” response can settle in. When we block the impulse to make ourselves big, and push the energy that makes us want to rise to the occasion away, we actually become susceptible to physical and mental illness. All that energy that wants to come up and out to protect us, when it is instead avoided and dismissed promotes us getting stuck in a freeze response. Chronic stress can lead to long periods in a freeze pattern, contributing to anxiety, depression, feeling detached, sickness and disease.

Aggression is best expressed physically. It is far more difficult to express or process aggressive energies without a physical action. Hitting, kicking, throwing, and slamming things are among some of the obvious examples. Less obvious are vocalizing aggression through yelling and screaming, as well as most forms of resistance training.

Resistance training exercises that demand progressively higher levels of effort and exertion can act as a pressure release valve for pent up aggression. This is most effective when an exercise is safely taken to failure- that point where you feel you just can’t do any more. For example, performing as many push-ups as possible. As you work harder and harder to keep going, you naturally channel aggressive energies to help you continue. Clenching teeth, vocalizing you effort, and holding your breath all naturally occur at near maximum levels of effort as we approach failure with a resistance exercise.

Physicality is essential to our overall well-being. If you are interested in tapping into your feelings of power, join our Aggression Expression classes. You are safely guided and encouraged to tap into and release unexpressed energy in fun and engaging ways. This process connects you to your primitive self and activates essential ingredients to foster positive growth through action; mentally, spiritually, and physically!

Join us at Dynamic Wellness for March Madness - With FREE Aggression-Expression small group fitness classes held every Tuesday at 5 pm and Saturday at 9am. Spaces are limited, so contact us online to secure your spot. or call Logan at 902-702-7720.

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