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We combine exercise and resilience training to help clients be the best version of themselves regardless of where they are starting from. Health is more than physical fitness. Physical, mental, and emotional health are all needed to be the best version of ourselves. We integrate the science from these diverse areas into our programming so you get more than just a work out!

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1. Exercise


The best-known and closest thing we have to a wonder drug for body and brain health is exercise.


Exercise is one your best returns on investment when it comes to your time.


It improves physical health, increases productivity, while it reduces pain, work-place absenteeism, depression and anxiety.

2.Resilience Training-

Resilience is the ability to face even the biggest of life’s challenges and thrive.


Our staff are trained to help you identify and build on the strategies you use when facing adversity.


We help you track / monitor  your progress through our programming. 

3. Motivation 


We have built in processes to help you stay motivated and succeed.


We track important elements to motivate and encourage you through regularly scheduled surveys and measurements of mental and physical health markers.

We recommend you pre-schedule your sessions at the time of purchase to increase follow-through and train at your peak time.

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4. Nutrition & Hydration


What you put in your body matters as much as what you do with your body.

Food choices impact how we feel day to day, our energy levels, our mobility as well as our risk for heart disease, cancer and overall risk of death.


Water makes up 60% of our bodies. It improves energy, promotes weight loss, improves productivity, boosts our immunity, clears our skin, aids in digestion and circulation, and more.

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5. Rest and Recovery


The body needs time to heal to be at peak performance.

When we have less than 7 hours of sleep per night we are more impulsive. We also have more anxiety and mood struggles.


Inadequate sleep is a risk factor for obesity, diabetes, memory issues and even dementia.

We are also at increased risk for heart attacks, stroke and cancer when sleep is compromised. 

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6. Social connection 


Social connection is a major source of resilience.


Friendship, community, meaning and play protect us against the negative impact of life’s stressors.

We are a social species and are biologically rewarded for healthy social connection with improved physical and mental health.


This translates into lower blood pressure, less pain, better mood and less anxiety, as well as improved motivation and follow through.

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